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Published Books

Sydney's Spaceship by Jo Banks
Troubled, bullied and neglected, sixteen-year-old Sydney has always been certain that one day an angel named Kemory will appear and transform his pathetic life. He refuses to accept others' opinions that he lives in fantasy to avoid facing childhood trauma. 
Extravington by I.C. Basye
Borono is a grey, dull, and colorless city. Food tastes like sand, the air is stagnant with the musty smell of a world left to rust, and the citizens live as ants fulfilling their monotonous schedules. Hugh, a citizen of Borono, wants more.  
French Quarter Violet by E.J. Findorff
Officer Violet Babineaux is called to the scene of a suicide where she finds her childhood friend lying on a blood-soaked couch with a gun in her hand. Violet believes she could have prevented her suicide with a simple call. 
The White Bird by William Bernhardt
 The poet captures emotion and essence in a shorthand that enters the reader's psyche and expands like ripples on a pond to fill him or her with a depth of understanding that would be impossible in a more verbose form.
Returning to Awe: poems by Laura M Kaminski
Kaminski displays a knack for pausing in the midst of humdrum life to note the "flaming diamond" of a bird "set within the fencing of the garden," or the "deep," "overwhelming" notes of a bullfrog symphony. 
The Ocean's Edge by William Bernhardt
William Bernhardt's second poetry collection explores the complex tapestry of family and the subtle interconnections that bind us to our past and forms the ballast to identity. 
last penny the sun by Laura M Kaminski
The poems of Laura M Kaminski's last penny the sun are rich with enthusiasm and delight. Each lyric presents a sensibility capable of ruminative insight as well as emotional depth. 
Cinnamon and Gunpowder: A Novel by Eli Brown
The year is 1819, and the renowned chef Owen Wedgwood has been kidnapped by a beautiful yet ruthless pirate. He will be spared, Mad Hannah Mabbot tells him, as long as he can conjure an exquisite meal every Sunday from the ship's meager supplies. 
Conclave: A Journal of Character, Savannah Thorne (ed.)
A journal of character-driven essays, art, poetry, interviews, stories, poems, and art that say something about the human condition--real people expressing their inner feelings and dilemmas.